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Understand Women’s Panty

You are really amazing when you know how to shop for your own panties’ styles and color,  even know how to match with your outfits. But are you really consider your panties’ functionality before purchase?  It is vital to know that panties are the clothing that directly contact with women’s private part, hence it is essential to understand and choose a right panty for women’s health.

Designer always need to consider in several angle in creating the best panty for women. A well known or experience person will always know to choose a panty according to body shape,  outfits matched, outfits type, and last the panty’s functions and material.

Some of the ladies love to choose a deep color type of panty, but color is a chemical ingredient which can cause allergy to the skin. even with the whitest color of panty, also had undergo a bleaching chemical process. Hence, well understanding of your own panty can help you in taking care of your intimate part.

Below show some recommendation to wear your panty right:



Thong and boyshorts are the best wear under office and casual apparel. This type of panties normally can avoid embarrassing moment during office and outing hour.




Cheekies can be wear at home for more relaxable resting moment. Benefit of this type of panty is loose and comfort.



For exercise, a panty with breathable function made material is highly suggest. Material such as spandex and nylon made for inner wear normally is fit to your body and it is breathable under your skin during exercise. This type of sport panty can reduce the friction to the minimum.

sport panty

Oustation or Travelling

1 time Disposable underwear can be choose for easy clear and pack during your travel.



Boyshorts suggest for smooth movement during your sleep.



Obese or High Sweating

Suggest ice silk seamless panties with cotton crotch made, the feeling is icy and chill feel during wear. it is super comfort for easy sweating person.  it is also recommend for big size user. our seamless panties range from M to 3 XL size for you to choose.


Thick Legs

It is recommend to wear a high waist panty, in order for the legs to look more thin

high waist panty


Above are the overall suggestion under the situations occured.

Finally, please keep in mind that a panty must wash first before you wear, in order to prevent any allergy situation and to protect your intimate part. A new panty suggest to wash separately without using washing machine, use a mild cleaning agent like your body wash also can clean your panty. Last, rinse and dry it before wearing.

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