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Top 6 common mistakes when buy bra

Mistake #1: Bra’s straps too loose

Fit to wear your bra is essential for your best shape of bust. Women tend to adjust the bra’s strap loosely in order to avoid tightness feel on shoulder or at the back. But this action will only cause the bra unable to protect and shaping your bust effectively.

Mistake #2: Size of bra’s cup too small

Most of women want to have more push up effect, they tend to choose a smaller bra’s cup, so that the cleavage of bust will be more visible. But if this continue everyday, it will cause a bad effect to your bust shape.

Therefore it is important when it come to choosing a right size of bra’s cup, it not only for best comfort, but also for best breast’s healthy shape.

Mistake #3: Stuck in same old style of bra

It’s really difficult when you try to search for a suitable bra. Once you found it, you may wear it for a long time. You even will continue to purchase the same bra over and over again. Women’s body change when aging, hence the best cutting and style of bra will also change too. Women should keep finding the best suit bra for themselves and keep trying for different style, you will not regret when you find a better ones.

Mistake #4: Not getting fitted

Women’s body change when exercising, dieting, or even sick, hence it is highly recommend by the expert to check wardrobe’s bra fitting every 6 months.

Mistake #5: Neglect other parts of  women’s bodies

  • If you have a narrow shoulder, try to wear a cross straps style bra.
  • If you have a thick back, high support of bra is your best choice.
  • If your bust is outward, try to wear a bra with a gather function.
  • If you have a different size of bust, you can choose to use a bra pad for a smaller bust for adjust the balance.

Mistake #6: Didn’t asking for help

Ladies may feel embarrass when you have your own bra’s issue. Do not feel shy when you asking for our help. We are available to give advice in order for you to get a fit size and right bra.



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